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May 2024




 Greetings to all my sisters in GFWC! Here we are in the month of May. As we approach the hot summer months, I hope all of you stay cool, calm, and collected. It has been my pleasure to serve all of you. I hope you have enjoyed new friendships and volunteering for the good of all Charitable Organizations in the Leesburg area. It is my goal to have you keep coming back to our wonderful Club. 

When I had the position of Membership Chair, it was important that we learned as a Club, what works and what doesn't work. That is why I asked Laura Hannam to conduct member surveys around April of each year. A key issue from the 2023 survey was communication. The survey results show we have improved in this area. And I am pleased to announce that Pat Silverstein has taken on the role of telephone communication person to assure you know what is going on all the time. Becky Fadik is doing a great job with the newsletter. However, it's as good as you want it to be. We ask that you contribute to the newsletter as well. 

I am looking forward to the trip to the Florida National Cemetery in Bushnell on May 26 to honor all those who have served. The Civic Engagement Committee organized this event. And, if you have never been to the Mote Morris Historical House, join us at the Membership Committee meeting as we start planning for a membership drive in late August at this historic site. You will love being a part of that fun committee. 

In closing, Jane Ward and I attended the District 7 meeting a few weeks ago. The keynote speaker was Diana Chia. Diana spoke on the topic of Empowering Women. She talked about looking back in the early 1900s when women were unable to vote. Today, she examines how far we have come from that era. Woman could not be hired to do a (man's) job. Today, as members of GFWC, woman are empowered to contribute to many charitable causes, and find fellowship as well! 


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